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Organization Mission: Inspiring success...together.

Project: Expand the "Try It Tuesday" program for 12th graders to allow students to try out film making as a career path. 

Impact: When you were in Kindergarten, someone probably asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The answers to that question probably were very simple and included titles that kids knew about through personal experience.  "Teacher," "Fireman," "Movie Star," "Baseball Player"

You never hear "I want to be a cardboard packaging designer working with supply chain management".  

Crosby Scholars works with middle and high school students to achieve their higher education goals, but first, we help students discover their interests and talents.    We use summer career camps, career exploration tools, and aptitude testing and evaluation, to help students explore and understand the career opportunities available.  When they get to 12th grade and are asked the question again, "What do you want to do when you grow up?" our students will have experiences that will allow them to better answer.  

This summer Crosby Scholars is partnering with Mitchell Community College, Iredell Statesville School System and Mooresville Soup Kitchen to offer 7 different day camps, where students can explore careers in Engineering, Healthcare, Public Safety, Information Technology, Business Agriculture and Sustainability, and Culinary Arts.   We call this program "Try It Tuesday".  

Participating in the Love United Iredell campaign will allow us to offer additional programming.  With grant funds, we will create a 2 day, Try It Tuesday that will train students and Crosby Staff in the field of filmmaking and video production. 

You cannot turn on a television, pick up a smartphone or log into a computer without seeing digital video content.  Our goal is to help our students 

1. Obtain knowledge about the Filmmaking Industry & available careers 

2. Become a critical viewer

3. Learn how to create and edit film/video content. 

4. Work as a team to create video content for Crosby Scholars' Website 

5. Continue to create video content for school & other non-profit groups.

Additional benefits of the program will include team building, leadership and the ability to create content to build their resume or portfolio.  We will also encourage the students to use what they learn to apply for scholarships, be a good consumer and share their experience with other non-profit agencies in the form of community service projects.

Client Experience:  Since 2015 Crosby Scholars has helped students and parents in Iredell County.  We don't often see the direct impact of our efforts.  Success for us is seeing a student experience an "A-Ha Moment".  Understanding a process, clearly seeing a path for the future, or connecting to something they did not know they could achieve.  Two of these moments stand out.  

Nikkie, a Statesville High School student, whose parents are from Iran, had her "A-Ha Moment" while speaking on behalf of Crosby Scholars to a host for a local radio station.  While typically a quiet person, she enjoyed being interviewed and telling her story.  She then had the opportunity to speak to one of our corporate sponsors.  She told her story of how she wanted to study computer science so she could help people connect over long distances.  Nikkie won the very first ASPIRE video scholarship that Crosby Scholars awarded.  By the end of her senior year, through connections and opportunities with Crosby Scholars, she was accepted into her school and program of choice and also offered a paid internship by that corporate sponsor for the summer between high school and college.  

John, a Lake Norman High School student, in the summer of 2017 attended the career camp that was offered, based on the generosity of a community grant, the camp was a week-long career camp that year.  Each day the students would learn about a different career at different locations across Iredell County.  John's "A-Ha Moment" happened on Thursday while sitting in a session about IT networking and computers.  John went home with a spark and an interest in computers.  He learned that he could build a computer.  Something that seemed so mysterious and out of reach was broken down into understandable parts.  After the camp was over, John spent the rest of that summer exploring computer parts, software and hardware components.  He was given a budget by his parents and after much research, he settled on the parts he needed within the budget to produce a computer.  By the end of the summer, John built a computer.  

These are just 2 of the students that have shared the impact that Crosby Scholars in our community.  It might be years before we see the impact of the experiences we are offering our students and their families.  Career exploration is just one part of this program.

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