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Dear friends and family,

Ever since participating in Fashion for the Cure during freshman year and seeing the amazing impact The Dragonfly Foundation has on families and kids, I've been moved to support their work in any way I can. In case you don't know, The Dragonfly Foundation is a local nonprofit that focuses on emotionally, practically, and financially supporting the needs of families with children battling cancer.

Especially during these difficult times, these kids don't have a choice but to continue their battle with cancer. Every single day, they fight a battle against a life-threatening disease...and every single day, they stay strong and show up with the biggest, brightest smiles: all because of the support and community The Dragonfly Foundation has provided them.

As a senior now and co-chair of the Fashion for the Cure committee, my final goal is to have a record-breaking fundraising year in support of the resilient Dragonfly kids. If you are able to donate even just $1, you'd be helping me get one step closer to my goal and overall, making a great impact on these special kids.

Finally, if you are donating and would like to purchase something from my clothing brand, designsbygracez, please text/email/DM me a screenshot of your donation and I will happily send you a discount!

All the love,



BTW: donations are tax-deductible!!

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