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Thyroid Cancer is known as the "silent cancer". It goes undetected for years and there is little research on it (compared to other cancers). I have met with numerous surgeons/doctors who specialize in this cancer and they have contributed a lot of this to environmental factors (genetics can be a factor too). Taylor was diagnosed June 28th with this cancer and unfortunately it has spread aggressively inside her. It is also rare that kids have this disease at such young ages. We are seeing more cases of cancer (clusters) in specific areas that could be linked to environmental factors. I have some doctors here at Wake Forest that are interested in receiving these funds through a grant and will take on a study of our area, specifically Lake Norman. We are working closely with ThyCa (a non profit organization that specializes in bringing awareness through the doctors, medical professionals and survivors of Thyroid Cancers). I have two goals this year: (1) Cure my daughter and get her in remission and (2) get this fund established by next year and start this research in my community immediately. We will look at doing a 5K in the spring.  For now, we have some great fundraisers to start this grant fund. Any donation is wonderful!  This has been heart breaking for our entire family and I would never want to see anyone go through this if something could be done to prevent it. We, as a society tend to be reactive instead of proactive. This should hit home for everyone with kids! I love my community for all they have done for my family and I want to give back. Taylor also wants to give back through this important endeavor. Please share!
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