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As the Smithsonian for Sarpy County, the mission of the Sarpy County Museum is to preserve protect and promote the rich history of the county, its communities and their people.

Since 1934, the Sarpy County Museum has kept local history alive in Bellevue and Sarpy County. In recent years, keeping our community history alive has included digitally preserving many of the historic newspapers including the Bellevue Press and Bellevue Guide.  It involves saving these priceless documents for future generations before they fall apart. 

Additionally, the museum offers free monthly public programming and high-quality exhibits such as our recent WWI exhibit or annual quilt exhibit.  Even more noticeable, the museum several years ago relocated and restored a Union Pacific train caboose.

When global pandemics are not a factor, all Bellevue Public School 4th grade students visit the museum to learn about Nebraska history.  Numerous senior and scouting groups as well as the general public also come to the museum year-round, five days a week.

This year, several in-person fundraising efforts to help keep the lights on have already been or likely will be canceled due to COVID19.  As a small non-profit every dollar counts.  The Sarpy County Museum needs your help to bridge the gap. Donations from Believe in Bellevue will allow the museum to further continue the good work it does to help serve as the caretakers for local history.

To learn more about the Sarpy County Museum, visit us on Facebook.

Or give us a call at 402-292-1880 and we’ll be glad to chat more.

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