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    Make a Difference in the Lives of Underprivileged Kids by Bridging the Digital Divide


    Jerome Bettis and his Bus Stops Here Foundation, The Education Partnership and Computer Reach are pleased to announce the launch of their “Connecting Kids” summer-long technology drive. During these challenging times, the digital divide for children has been highlighted in our region and nationally as COVID-19 has shifted schoolwork online.

    “We want to inspire all kids and give them an equal opportunity to learn and thrive. We live in a digital world and access to the internet is vital for ALL students,” says Jerome Bettis, Founder of the Bus Stops Here Foundation.

    Sadly, in Southwestern Pennsylvania alone, more than 36,000 students have been disconnected from their schooling due to lack of internet access and a wifi-equipped device to connect.

    We’ve set a goal to raise $360,000 for our foundation’s mission. We’ve seen that even a $6 dollar donation can make a difference in a child’s life, but during this time, we are striving to go even further! 

    We thank you for your generosity and for being our teammate. We know that together, we can make a great impact!

    The Jerome Bettis Bus Stops Here Foundation has been dedicated to changing the lives of children in the Pittsburgh and Detroit area for over two decades. Previously, we have been successfully fundraising our charity for youth through individual donor initiatives. We encourage anybody who wants to be involved to donate. 

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