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More than 12 years ago, with the wisdom we inherited from the long struggle for racial and educational justice, we launched a long-term campaign to end school pushout that has helped to forever change the education debate. And that campaign is far from over.  Our recently released Shadow Report will be our road map for the next several years as we work to finish it.

But our parents decided there is more we can do to prevent school pushout -- by ending the literacy crisis that often is the first sign of disengagement from school.  

This past Tuesday, December 5th, CADRE joined Public Counsel, Fathers & Families of San Joaquin County, parents and students by filing suit against the State of California to ensure that we no longer ignore this literacy crisis. For more detailed information, please visit  

This year your contribution will help us prepare for an exciting New Year in 2018 that includes our new campaign to ensure the human right to education by ensuring that every child, every South LA child, can read and write. 

Our solution will never leave out parents, and CADRE parents intend to bring the same courageous leadership to this campaign.  Show your #SouthLAParentLove with a donation today and help us as we continue to shape school climate in South LA and across California!

Building on our work since 2001: CADRE has engaged parents from South Los Angeles in transformational parent leadership development that has challenged school push-out by ushering in new educational policies locally, statewide, and nationally. Our impact has resulted in major shifts in how schools address school discipline, racial disparities, parents’ roles, school climate, and closing the achievement gap for low-income students of color.

By centering on parents and prioritizing their development as our core objective, our engagement of families spans grade levels and extends beyond school site affiliations, often engaging 2-3 generations at once and shedding light on both prevention and intervention needs. This has led to greater capacity for initiating and eliminating the usual barriers to family-led participation in systems change and alignment.

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