CrossRoads Missions

     Photojournalist and author John Palmer Gregg spent ten years working in newspapers across the country before leaving the industry to make a real difference in the world. During that time, he won press association awards as both a writer and photographer. Since then, he has documented the work and various aid, non-profit and humanitarian agencies around the world, and is continually looking for more organizations to partner with to tell the stories of their work and those that they serve. He believes in being a "voice for the voiceless" and helping create positive change in the lives of people from all walks of life around the world. 


     Photography crosses all cultural and societal boundaries, reaching straight for the soul. It forms a bond between the viewer and the subject, allowing us to experience a world beyond our own. Through effective imagery and photographic storytelling, the messages of hope and renewal can not only increase the viewer's awareness and emotional connection to people of the world, but also can foster a desire to join in affecting real change.


     He is also the author of Some Gow Brightly, a well-received young-adult fantasy/supernatural novel, and one of the founders of Thistle Bound Press. He is based in East Tennessee with his wife and son.

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