CrossRoads Missions

  Being a member of the staff at Crossroads Missions has been a true blessing for me. I see a depth of purpose I have not ever consistently seen in my life. I have attempted, on and off, to be of use to God for many years. Now, I am in a position to be led by God into ongoing purposeful service.

   God is allowing me to work, utilizing the gifts I learned to earn a living. Also, I am learning to see, and act on, many opportunities to show God's love. I have the opportunity to teach young men about work ethic, construction skills, and God's will through the PACT classes given at Hope Place. I get to work with local volunteers and manage, teach, and encourage. I work with volunteers from other states with whom I get to connect on both a personal and spiritual level. I get to listen and see so many perceptions of how others accept God's love.

   So, why do I need financial support? Well, at this point, I work all off days and sometimes must miss the studies I attend, Church services, and my study and quiet time with God. On the physical side, I fell in the 2000's, and the damage left me with constant pain. Because I have to work on the side to support myself, I often do not have time to perform exercises that help me deal with my injuries. Financially, I desire to pay for my needs, help others where and when I can, and know the joy of giving to others not expecting anything in return. 

   I genuinely desire to walk as God will lead me in such a way that those around me can not help but see Him. My hope for this message is to be honest and transparent. I desperately want to know and walk with the fearless freedom of Christ. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and my desire to follow Christ and serve Him Faithfully. Please take a moment to consider joining me in my work through financial support.

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