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Many Coptic refugees have fled to Italy for safety and a new life. La Casa Futura will be an opportunity (the only opportunity currently in existence) for young Egyptian Copts to go forward by learning a new language and job skills to assimilate into the work force of Italy. Keeping with our mission statement, VOTC will conduct open house forums within the Casa Futura facility as well as off-campus locations to promote mutual understanding between Egyptian Copts and Italian citizens.

Purpose of Casa Futura – to create better life conditions and offer hope
1. Young immigrants from Egypt are overwhelmed by the loss of homeland and family members (in some cases orphaned) and now face the fear and distrust found in a host population. Our program will assist integration into the Italian culture.
2. Refugee camps are temporary. They even lack food supplies. The La Casa Futura live-in facility will provide young men and women with work training, language learning, and cultural education. This not only solves the problem of short term provision but the larger issue of independence and integration into society allowing Italy to gain from newly skilled craftsmen in sectors now facing a scarcity of labor force.
3. Coptic refugees, bereft of legitimate paths into Italian society, remain idle and isolated. The La Casa Futura will intervene to lessen this impact. Our Rome, Italy facility will offer an environment for nurturing growth in ways best suited for adapting to Italian society. In so doing also foster individual responsibility and well-being.
4. Suspicion of strangers. To promote mutual understanding, native Italians will be invited to attend La Casa Futura forums to hear personal testimonies of students who wish to share the stories of their past.

Project requirements
The following is deemed necessary for the project’s success:

La Casa Futura will entail:
–One location (one building) adequate to accommodate housing, meals and class instruction for 60-100 Coptic youths. –Cooperation from various industrial sectors to create internships and instruction
— Instructors and other qualified staff (including social workers, health caregivers, language interpreters)
— Laboratories and classrooms
— Vehicles for transporting students



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