DJ Mojica was a Fern Bluff Bobcat who lived his life with the upmost bravery and determination. In his short 9 years he taught us what true perseverance looks like. DJ was diagnosed with a malignant PNET brain tumor at 17 months old. Against incredible odds, DJ beat cancer a miraculous 4 times with God’s help. He fought hard every day since then through his cancer treatments, physical therapy, educational delays and all the late effects of treatments that eventually took his life.

If you had the pleasure of knowing DJ you will remember his sweet voice, witty humor and love for the Dallas Cowboys. DJ loved being around people who lifted him up. Many of his fondest memories and treasured moments involved family and community. Both of which were crucial for DJ to have the opportunity to experience all of life’s joy by way of their much-needed assistance. Through DJ’s journey, he touched the lives of so many with his infectious optimism and remarkable faith. Our hope is that we are able to bless a deserving recipient and leave a fingerprint of DJ’s impactful life on their heart.

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