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    Suicide prevention and awareness has always been a passion for Derek. “I have volunteered in the field for the past 15 years in many different roles. I am also an avid running and lover of extreme sports. During the pandemic, I found myself bored and somewhat depressed that all the races I had signed up for had been canceled. I was very lucky to have a strong group of friends and family to lean on to get me through. I am also aware that a lot of people do not have the same support mechanisms and rely on services like Call2Talk in order to get through the day.”

    Derek and Joe have been friends for several years and are known best for their wacky work outs that they put together for each other. They are often seen carrying 50 lb. barrels for miles, doing burpees on the beach and or just running around different trails. They both wanted to have a challenge that was out of the box. That is when the idea of running/walking 100 miles in 10 days came to them. As they worked on planning it out, they realized it would be a good way to raise some money for Derek’s favorite nonprofit, Call2Talk.

    Call2Talk is a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Center that responds to over 4,000 calls a month. They also have additional services including TeleCheck, LOSSteam MetroWest, Crisis Text and Community Outreach & Training.

    As part of their fundraising efforts, you will also be able to purchase extra items. These will include, shout outs from Derek and Joe on Instagram, a song of your choice they will sing from the route or pushups from the mile of your choice. Please consider helping Derek and Joe as they face this challenge to support us.

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