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Dupuytren disease is a big problem
Dupuytren disease cripples hands.
It affects millions of people.
If someone has it, their family and children are at risk.
Dupuytren treatment is inadequate
Surgeons treat it but surgery doesn't cure it.
Many are crippled for life despite the best treatment.
There's no medicine, no proven prevention, no cure.
Researchers need a Dupuytren blood test to find a cure.   
Progress has stalled because of simple logistics
Surgeons treat Dupuytren but don't do blood test research.
Medical doctors do that kind of research, but don't treat Dupuytren.
Dupuytren-specific research funding is lacking for lack of interest.
Blood test research has fallen through the cracks.
There is hope
The Dupuytren Research Group is a nonprofit public charity.
It's the only organization doing Dupuytren blood test research.
Currently, over 3400 enrolled, ready for a pilot blood test study.
This is what is needed 
Pilot study data is needed to qualify for large research grants.
Traditional funding is lacking for Dupuytren research.
There are no large public grants for Dupuytren research.
The pilot study will cost nearly $400,000 in lab tests alone.

For each 40 people who donate $100,
For each 4 people who donate $1000,
For each donation of $4000,
we can do blood testing on one more person: one step closer! 

If you have enrolled in the IDDB, help pay your way.
If you know someone with Dupuytren, donate for them.
If you have donated already, donate more.

Donate today and help us get closer to a Dupuytren Cure!

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