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    2021 Founders’ Day of Giving, A Day for Delta Chi #Day4DX

    1890 Minutes of Giving: October 12-13

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    $250,000 Goal

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    1,890 Minutes of Giving Ends in:

    Welcome to the 2021 Founders’ Day of Giving, A Day for Delta Chi campaign page. Culminating on Founders’ Day, October 13, 2021 with 1,890 Minutes of giving, featuring unique content and live-virtual tours of the new Headquarters along with testimonials of members from around North America. #Day4DX #DCEF #DeltaChi

    A Day for Delta Chi is about pooling the resources of our donors to benefit the central organization vs. chapter-specific funds.  The reasons for raising this money are bountiful, but the fundamental reason is creating a better world for each other and for society by investing in the personal growth and development of our members.  When we achieve this, we sustain local chapter excellence, and elevate the relevance for the entire Delta Chi enterprise.

    Help us mobilize our Delta Chi brethren and Jump the Curb - creating exponential growth in dollars raised and number of donors!

    • $250,000 campaign goal
    • 1,000 donors participating

    Mobilizing Delta Chi's members, friends, and family is the key to success.  We need a dedicated Chapter Captain (student or alumnus) for each chapter.  This is the key to success, and your involvement will breed credibility and confidence among your peers. 

    Below is information about our Giving Challenges, The 5 W’s, Volunteer Roles, etc.

    Giving Challenges:

    Join us in our goal to raise $125,000 in matching funds before the main event on October 12-13.  We are blessed to have $103,556 in matching gifts committed in advance. Please contact the Director of Development to pledge your match in this year’s campaign: Peter Lane, [email protected] or (319) 499-0352.

    • 10-for-$10: 10 Students making an annual gift of $10 each - designed to engage more student donors, developing lifelong donors
      • 100% participation 113 Active chapters = $11,300
    • 10-for-$100: 10 Alumni making an annual gift of $100 each - designed to engage more student donors, developing lifelong donors
      • 100% participation 113 Undergraduate & 23 Alumni Chapters = $136,000
      • Unknown % of dormant chapters will participate

    The 5 W’s

    • WHO: Delta Chi Educational Foundation - DCEF Staff, IHQ Staff, and special guests
    • WHAT: 4th Annual Founders' Day of Giving, A Day for Delta Chi: 1890 Minutes of Giving - gifts to the general fund, the one day we all focus on the betterment of the central organization vs. our individual chapters
    • WHEN: October 12 12:00pm ET - October 13, *7:30pm ET - Tuesday/ Wednesday. *All gifts received until October 13 @ 11:59pm PT will be counted.
      • All gifts to the General Fund received before the campaign culminates on October 13 will be counted.
    • WHERE: Indianapolis, IN - the new Delta Chi IHQ Office, featuring virtual tours of the history museum, and testimonies from staff & other VIPs (virtual and in-person)
    • WHY: This is the one day each year we ask all donors to pool their gifts to support the central organization, the Delta Chi Educational Foundation. Strengthening the Foundation equals a greater impact to benefit the students and leadership programs of the Fraternity.
      • FDOG has become the donor acquisition event of the year and the #1 fundraiser for the General Fund; it's where the greatest growth occurs both in terms of dollars and donors.
    • HOW: (the site will be live on Monday, September 13), text to give "DeltaChi" to #71777, mail checks to IHQ in Indianapolis, stock transfers accepted too
      • Chapter Competition - each chapter, active and inactive, has a team page in which content can be customized; upload your school logo, add a 30-second personalized video, etc.
      • Follow along on Facebook and Instagram using hashtag #Day4DX

    Volunteer Roles:

    • Chapter Team Captain - manage team page, create & share digital content, encourage others to solicit gifts (ask for a few yourself)
    • Digital Influencer - like/ share/ promote all digital content sent out the campaign on one or multiple digital channels (email, facebook, instagram, text message)
      • We will provide a digital toolkit for your convenience
    • FDOG Committee - willingness to solicit gifts, disseminate information, create content, and other duties as identified.

    $103,556 Matching gifts:

    1. Anonymous Donor - $39,000
    2. Patrick & Karen Weber, Oklahoma ‘87 - $16,256 (New Founder)
    3. David Cloutier, Embry-Riddle ‘92 - $10,000 (New Founder)
    4. George and Tera Preussel, Huntsville '09 - $10,000 (Hand & Key Club)
    5. Anonymous Donor - $6,000
    6. Tom Raad, South Florida ‘07 - $6,000 (Order of the Shield)
    7. Sean Conrad, Gorham State - $2,500 (Order of the Shield)
      1. $5 per unique donor, up to 500 donors
    8. Bruce Adams, LSU ‘07 - $2,000 (Tie of Brotherhood)
    9. Edwin Vandenburg, LSU ‘85 - $2,000 (Sir Edward Coke Club)
    10. Patrick Alderdice, Ball State ‘92 - $1,000 (New Founder)
    11. Tom Edmunds, Georgia ‘78 - $1,000 (Leges Club)
    12. David Edwards, Georgia Southern ‘86 - $1,000 (Order of the Scimitar)
    13. Bob Hendershot, Purdue ‘72 - $1,000 (New Founder)
    14. L. Mark Hoerrner, Kennesaw State ‘10 - $1,000 (Leges Club)
    15. Jim Marascio, Bryant ‘93 - $1,000 (Martlet Club)
    16. Aaron Otto, Kansas State ‘98 - $1,000 (Hand and Key Club)
    17. Jon & Sydney Sattler, Appalachian State ‘87 - $1,000 (Order of the Scimitar)
    18. Chad Wolett, Arizona State ‘94 - $1,000 (Knight Errant)
    19. Travis Covey, New Mexico State ‘03 - $500 (Leges Club)
    20. William Kennedy, New Mexico State ‘03 - $300 (Order of the Shield)

    When we think about the impact Delta Chi had on our lives, we can all point to friendships that were formed during those formative years.  Life long friendships.  We invite you to honor a friend in Delta Chi with your gift.

    Please make Founders’ Day your annual reminder to give and show “your commitment to and involvement with our Fraternity throughout your lifetime” as it says in Basic Expectation #10.

    Thanks for the volunteer guidance from the DCEF Fundraising Committee: Chairman, Steven Bossart, Kent State ‘90 - Patrick Alderdice, Ball State ‘92 - Jason Butler, Central Missouri ‘99 - Michael Marino, George Mason ‘11 - Jeff Schoenherr, Michigan ‘91.

    On behalf of Delta Chi members everywhere, thank you for investing in the growth and development of your Fraternity! 


    In the Bond,
    The DCEF Board of Directors & Staff


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