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    Become a THRIVE team captain, team member, or supporter today! Together we are giving all kids what they need to THRIVE.

    THRIVE21 is a fundraiser driven by you and other EBC supporters who create teams (of any size) to raise money.  The fall fundraiser will be capped with a live-streamed event on Thursday, November 18!

    Teams work to meet a goal in a way unique to their team. Dinner Party? Barbecue? Bunco? A phone call to friends? Build your idea on what you already know or do, or try something brand new!

    THRIVE21 is open to all ages, groups, or individuals from nearby or far away. Everyone contributes at their own level.

    THRIVE21 puts you in charge of how you would like to participate. You manage your own safety and comfort levels.

    The goal of THRIVE21 is to raise $375,000 to give kids experiencing homelessness, family disruption, poverty, and other inequities what they need for a Strong Start so they can grow, play, and be ready to learn.

    The money YOU and YOUR team raise will provide 12,000 kids with essentials such as:

    • 1.8 million diaper changes, keeping babies dry, comfortable, safe, and healthy.
    • More than 350,000 clothing items for children from birth through age 12, socks to jammies to jackets
    • 27,000 days of infant formula nourishment
    • 1400 car seats to protect growing minds and bodies
    • 3000 containers of hygiene goods like soap or toothpaste/brushes, and 1.9 million diaper wipes
    • 30,000 toys – play is the essential “work” of children, helping to develop language, thinking skills, and how to work with others
    • 30,000 books to encourage literacy, fire their imagination, and build bonds through reading

    What EBC does may seem simple but the effects are profound. Giving families the tangible goods essential to provide for the well-being – and thriving – of their children builds futures, and saves lives.

    For 31 years, EBC - Eastside Baby Corner has built a Strong Foundation for every kid, birth through age 12, by providing the care and safety goods they need to grow, play, and be ready to learn. Community starts here – EBC is a place where YOU can help kids to thrive!

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