Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives wants to inspire and empower one million young people to do and be more than they ever dreamed possible. In honor of Douglass’s 200th birthday, we want to distribute one million hardcover copies of a special Bicentennial Edition of the Narrative. We’ll ask one million students across the country to read the book and participate in meaningful service projects within their communities and internationally. Over the next two years, we want to give away one million copies. Giving away one million copies of the Narrative will be a challenge that FDFI can't take on alone. Make a contribution directly to FDFI to help fund the project. Our cost to print, distribute and manage the project is $5 per book. Help us bring 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 books or more to young people everywhere. For more info: 

$347,776 Raised

$400,000 Goal