Frederick Douglass was an abolitionist who was born into slavery and later became an abolitionist who worked to end slavery during the Civil War. As part of the Frederick Douglass organization (FDFI), I want to follow Douglass' footsteps and ensure that slavery doesn't continue to exist today.  Unfortunately, it does, in the form of human trafficking. Human trafficking is defined as an illegal act of forcing people into commercial sex or forced labor. Like Napoleon said, “The world suffers a lot. Not because the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of the good people.” I don't want anyone to have to become a slave and engage in dangerous acts, while I sit here and enjoy my freedom when I could be doing something to help them. By partnering with FDFI, I will be able to raise money to help educate people and raise awareness about this abhorrent issue and stop it before it could even happen. When dealing with human trafficking, we often help victims at the end, where the freedom is already stolen and the person is already damaged; thus, we have only helped them on the path to recovery, but our effort of preventing human trafficking is minimal. Wherever you are in the world, YOU can make the difference. All YOU need to do is take a few seconds to make a donation.  Help stop human trafficking today! Please share with others to spread the word!
$133 Raised

$200 Goal