Please support the Foundation's Matching Gift Challenge.  Your gift will help us earn matching dollars and meet our goal of raising $250,000 to enhance the lives of those with FD.  

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Your gift to this campaign will be matched, dollar-for-dollar up to $78,600, and will support patient care and medical research currently underway at NYU's renowned Dysautonomia Center.  

Did you know?  Familial dysautonomia ("FD") is one of the rarest of rare disease, with fewer than 750 known cases in recent history.  Today there are only about 300 people living with FD worldwide.  They need your help today.

Your gift to the Dysautonomia Foundation's Matching Gift Challenge will impact care and services provided at the Dysautonomia Center, and will enable those with FD to live the best life possible.  

Your gift can help us:
* Deliver treatments that can slow, stop or reverse the progression of FD
* Identify and implement therapies that will alleviate the most severe symptoms of the disease
* Offer telemedicine services for those unable to visit NYU in person
* Provide 24/7 emergency consultations
* Invest in cutting edge clinical and scientific research 
* Fund patient care not covered by insurance

Your gift will positively impact  those affected by FD, enabling them to live the best life possible:

  • $180 buys six (6) test tubes needed to screen patients for kidney problems.
  • $360 funds a portion of an emergency visit to the Center's specialist nurses.
  • $540 funds one (1) day's cost of answering emergency after-hour calls from FD families.
  • $1,080 partially funds the cost of a blood pressure monitor to screen FD children for high blood pressure.
  • $2,700 supports the cost of one (1) portable oxygen transporter for traveling patients. 
  • $5,400 supports the cost of three (3) patients receiving mental health services for six (6) months

About Us
The Dysautonomia Foundation enhances quality of life for those affected by familial dysautonomia ("FD") by funding medical care, scientific research, social services and public education.  

FD is a devastating and rare genetic disorder that impacts nearly every major bodily function and causes severe physical, emotional and social problems.  Living with FD is a daily challenge for those affected as well as their families.  While improvements in treatment and research have increased life expectancy, FD remains a life threatening disease with no cure.

Our ultimate vision is a world without FD.  Today, the Foundation provides crucial funding to Dysautonomia Center at NYU, the world's largest FD treatment program.  This unique facility provides medical care for people with FD, focused on addressing the distressing symptoms and degenerative progression of the disease, with a goal of helping those with FD live the best life possible. The Center also includes a clinical research laboratory where researchers are battling new frontiers on blindness, kidney failure, balance and genetic therapies.

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