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Plymouth State students  seek support to acquire a Leafy Green MachineTM by  Freight Farm. The Leafy  Green  Machine is  a  complete  hydroponic  growing  system  for  leafy  greens  built  inside  an  upcycled  ocean  container,  with  all  the  components  needed  for  commercial  food  production. Using  the Leafy  Green  Machine, Plymouth State Students could  produce  4,500  hyper-local,  organic  leafy  greens  every  month --year-round. Selling their products to the  University's  food  service  contractors as well  as area restaurants, organic  food  markets,  students/faculty, and  home  delivery, this Leafy Green Machine would generate nearly $47,000 annually in revenue for the next 10 years, becoming the first self-sustaining cluster project under Plymouth State University's Integrated Cluster Model.  If acquired this Leafy Green Machine would allow Plymouth State Students to begin addressing the issues of food deserts throughout New Hampshire, working to create nutritious options for food insecure populations, and fight obesity. 


This  initiative  arose  in  First Year Seminar and  is  now  an  Enactus  project  (student  entrepreneurship  club)  at  Plymouth  State  University,  New  Hampshire. This  student-run  business  specializes  in  the  physical  and  digital  solutions  needed  to  grow  fresh  produce  on  the  PSU  campus  year-round.

All donors receive a newsletter and discount coupons for leafy fresh vegetables year-round.  All donors are listed on the website (with permission). 

$100+ donors join the Freight Farm Club, have specialized PSU offerings, can access value-added parts of the website, and receive advance notification of discounts and sales to Club members. 

What your gift can do:
$15,000 = Freight Farm Earth Scholarship 
$10,000-$5,000 = Environmental Control System, Permaculture Research Fellowships, and Nutrition for Community Organizations
$1,000 = Branding and design of PSU Freight Farm Wrap, and App-Driven Hydroponics Business Process
$200 = Hydroponic Organic Irrigation System
$100 = High-tech seedling area, and Training and Seminars
$50 = Growth Columns
$20 = High efficiency LED lights

*Disclaimer: if the funds are not raised to complete this project, the funds already raised will be used at the discretion of the cluster committee. 

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