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    As we prepare for a new and hope-filled beginning in the fall, so do our Geneseo students who will soon begin to plan their next semester or those who may be taking the next steps toward their careers.  As you did probably several years ago, many of today’s students are considering the various opportunities that we offer to grow in knowledge of a second or third language.  Others are considering study abroad opportunities with the goal of enhancing world language skills, immersing themselves in other cultural traditions, grasping with their own eyes unfamiliar and magnificent vistas, and experiencing in person the true beauty that is found in building relationships with people in other lands.

    To help students further their studies here and abroad, we are initiating a campaign to raise funds for the Department of Languages and Literatures’ internal scholarships.  We hope to help more students have the opportunity to partake in internships and study abroad programs with your support.   In recent years, the majority of department cultural activities and study abroad scholarships have been funded personally by faculty due to our belief in the positive impact that these opportunities provide to our students.  However, the needs of today’s students are enormously greater than the funds available.  Additionally, we are seeking ways to promote second language learning to enable our students to become global citizens by offering scholarships to those who complete, with distinguished academic performance, the major or minor in our programs.

    We are reaching out to you with an appeal to help us make available to deserving department students the opportunities to enrich their education in language study.   Keep in mind that your contribution will not only benefit a SUNY Geneseo Department of Languages and Literatures student, it will also make a difference in the lives of many others throughout the world. People in the various countries where our students have built schools or started programs to help the less privileged have benefited exponentially.  Your donations generate substantial and lasting rewards.

    With gratitude for your consideration,


    The Department of Languages & Literatures

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