Support USC Good Neighbors!  

    Support USC Good Neighbors!

    With your support, Good Neighbors has been a cornerstone of USC’s community engagement for over 25 years. Now, more than ever, our neighborhood nonprofits and local K-12 schools are on the frontlines, providing essential human services during this crisis while also experiencing significant financial challenges themselves. We are pleased to announce Good Neighbors will provide critical COVID-19 funding to serve our most vulnerable neighbors. Meaningful university-community partnerships are having a visible, positive impact on our local neighborhoods.

    USC Good Neighbors: The Heart of Every Trojan

    Creative online visual and performing arts programming offers elementary students a platform to develop their talent and nurture their love of music, theatre arts and dance. Elementary students receive free virtual music lessons from their USC student mentors. Collectively, USC students involved in dozens of community programs commit over 50,000 volunteer hours in a single year.

    The 21st century will require individuals prepared in the areas of science, engineering, math and technology. We are engaging young people through virtual programs that build critical thinking skills, confidence and foster their curiosity about robotics coding, the application of science to understand the world, solve real life problems and expose them to science-based careers.

    Online professional certificate programs provide innovative college and career pathways for high school students who excel from experiential learning opportunities. Programs include dental assistant, medical assistant and anesthesia technician, leading to living-wage employment opportunities, mentorship and college advancement.

    Promoting good health and fitness is a priority in supporting the overall wellbeing of our communities. Virtual programs focus on addressing prevalent health issues such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure to empower residents of all ages to be proactive in practicing healthy behaviors and staying safe during this time.

    Virtual college access initiatives supported by Good Neighbors have a 100 percent high school graduation rate in the neighborhoods surrounding USC’s Health Sciences and University Park campuses, and over 95 percent college attendance, including becoming future Trojans!

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