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Our Mission

Providing personalized support for people.
Hearing the Homeless takes an innovative approach to addressing the issues of homelessness through looking at every homeless person as just that a person; a complex individual with distinctive needs, struggles, and obstacles. By taking individual comprehensive assessments, facilitating direct giving from the community, and targeting urgent needs specific to each individual, HTH will be able to more effectively remove the barriers keeping our HTH reps from reentering society and rebuilding their lives.

Make a Difference

By supporting HTH, you are helping us expand our reach. Every day so many stories go untold and needs unmet. Our team strives to bring these stories to light, so that we can meet urgent needs as a community. 

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Join the movement by making a donation or by becoming an independent fundraiser to help us make a difference within our community...one human at a time.

"One person can not do everything, but one person can do something and together we can change the world!"

About Hearing the Homeless

HTH strives to personalize and maximize public donations by sharing powerful stories of those living on the streets and providing an avenue for the public to make a direct impact in the lives of the homeless in their community. 

The traditional approach of direct public giving is long outdated. Using our technology, we are able to direct your donations towards targeted needs; maximizing donations and giving our reps the tools they need to thrive instead of just enough to survive.

Money doesn’t solve problems, positive relationships do. HTH takes a holistic approach to supporting our fellow humans in need through giving with heart and building authentic relationships. We encourage individuals in the community to go beyond giving money to giving time by becoming a community mentor to further support and encourage our HTH reps.

Thank you for your support!
Feel free to email me at [email protected] for additional ways to serve.

Kevin Price
Executive Director/Founder

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