CLUB defined: A group of like minded people who come together around a common purpose or mission. 


    When you join the club you are signaling you stand together with all CLUB1040 partners and will do your part to see the mission and vision accomplished. 


    Four ways to Join the Club - do one or all four. 


    > Pray: Adopt prayer projects as theLord leads and pray regularly for the team and leadership. 


    > Participate: Sow your practical gifts and abilities (link for Dream Team application and note examples of our highest priority DT needs), or maybe go on a short-term mission team.


    > Promote: Be an ambassador of projects and opportunities for others to connect, especially through social media… Share, Share, Share. 


    > Partner: Monthly recurring donations of any amount. 

    What to expect from the team as a CLUB1040 partner. 


    > Excellent communication and reporting. (note how we aim to do that). 


    > Ethical stewardship 


    > 501-C3 not for profit organization registered with the IRS and complies with all statutory requirements for non-profits.