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    I am running to support adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) live their lives to the fullest. The Key Training Center is an organization located in Citrus County, Fl who does so by providing care and services for clients, even without funding. Each year that equates to approximately $400,000 that needs to be fundraised.

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    In 1976, on an early July morning, the late Chet Cole, Key Training Center's Executive Director, began a 180 mile run from the steps of Florida's Capitol Building in Tallahassee, ending at the Key Center's Lecanto Campus.   Little did he know that the Key Center's annual 'Run for the Money' event would be born with his first step.  Cole, a man with a mission, needed to demonstrate the challenges that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) face. He ran that year in 99.9-degree heat because he felt it represented their daily struggles, and 45 years later, the Key Center still has the same mission and upholds this time-honored tradition.

                Melissa Walker, Executive Director of the Key Center, took the reins in 2017 and was committed to ensuring the Run's continuance and expansion.  Under her direction, the 'Run' has evolved from one man with a mission to a core group of runners/cyclists, community, and virtual runners.

    The core group logs approximately 34 miles each day, with vitals taken before and after each stint, and emergency vehicles are on sight to ensure their health and safety. Last year, community runners were added, who ran throughout the county logging miles to show their support. This year's Run commences on July 19 from the steps of the Capitol Building in Tallahassee and locally throughout the county.

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