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Jessica Warburton

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Eight years ago, cancer nearly took everything from me, including my life. On February 22, 2010, I went into emergency surgery to remove approximate 12 lbs of metastatic ovarian cancer. During the procedure, I flatlined and stopped breathing. I had to have a total of two pints of blood transfused and have a 14 inch scar down my abdomen. I care out of the hospital weighing 76 pounds and barely able to walk. I had a budding military career that I was forced to walk away from. My health and body image was trashed. The beauty industry took me by surprise during chemo when I agreed to cut another woman’s wig for her. A few years later, I found myself dealing with the fact I was precancerous for breast cancer. I made a drastic decision to have a preventative mastectomy with reconstruction at only 30 years old. For years, I’ve been told my scars are battle wounds yet I always just saw a sick body when I looked in the mirror. The tattoos have become my armor. This post is for all the women who have felt that society looks down upon them because they have flaws. I have scars all over my body, ripples in my breasts, and a stomach that will never be flat again.  This one is for those who have dealt with their own demons regarding a definition of beauty that doesn’t belong to them. YOU are beautiful just the way you are. WE were born in thunderstorms therefore WE know how to dance in the rain.  We are the warriors. 

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