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    I'm fundraising for Muslim Legal Fund of America because they do amazing work, and I'm inviting friends like you to support my campaign. Thanks for taking a moment to check it out!


    Muslim Legal Fund of America is the ONLY national 501c3 nonprofit legal fund dedicated to defending the constitutional civil rights and liberties of Muslims in America by funding direct legal representation in cases that pose threats to those freedoms. 

    By giving today, you will help MLFA

    • Defend constitutional civil rights and liberties of Muslims in America
    • Provide free legal representation to Muslims facing religious discrimination 
    • Empower and protect American Muslim institutions 
    • Support the common, central value of Islam and America: Justice
    • Restore justice for innocent Muslims and their families

    Help fund free direct legal representation for the Muslim community today because justice cannot wait. 


    Like all religions, Islam is legal in America. But we cannot ignore the fact that Muslims are treated differently in the American justice system. 

    Muslim Legal Fund of America was founded to fill a gap in legal representation for cases that involve trials in which the constitutional rights of Muslims are violated on the basis of their faith. 

    Anti-Muslim bias across multiple federal agencies is creating havoc on innocent Muslims and their families. No-Fly Lists, discriminatory immigration denials, workplace harassment, bogus criminal allegations, and unwarranted law enforcement interviews are just a few of the issues threatening Muslims in America. We need your help today because defending our constitutional rights is a team effort.

    Since 2001, MLFA has funded the defense of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, right to due process, right to an attorney, right to privacy and many other constitutional rights.

    All funds raised through this campaign will go toward funding legal representation for Muslims in America

    We urgently need your financial support, as well as your help, getting the word out about this campaign. Please give and then share this campaign with all of your friends on social media and through email.


    MLFA is holding America accountable to its promises of freedom, liberty and justice for all.

    Broken Promises of America

    • Freedom of Religion – Muslim prisoners are denied halal meals and other religious accommodations. Federal employees who identify as Muslim are treated with suspicion and often lose their jobs as a result.
    • Freedom of Movement – Muslims face unique travel restrictions in the form of the No-Fly List and “special security screenings” without due process.
    • Freedom of Assembly – Groups are abusing zoning laws to take away the right to build and expand mosques.
    • Freedom of Speech – More than 300 nonprofits lost status since 2011 as Muslims charities receive undue scrutiny. Individuals have been investigated for their free speech activities. 
    • Financial Freedom – Banks are closing accounts of Muslims because of new regulations making it more difficult to provide humanitarian aid overseas.
    • Opportunity – Immigration delays, denials or other harmful actions on the basis of the applicant being Muslim.

    You are invited to join #KeepIslamLegal campaign and to help the Muslim community build something that’s never been done before...

    Violations of our constitutional rights don't just affect individuals -- it affects families and entire communities. Since its founding in 2001, MLFA has funded the legal defense of Muslims’ constitutional rights in courts all over the nation. In 2014, MLFA grant funded the establishment of Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America, which is the only nonprofit law firm dedicated to defending American Muslims’ constitutional rights in federal court.

    Demand for its legal services are growing. Religious-based travel restrictions, immigration denials, and other actions are creating the need for additional resources as well as a bold digital transformation of MLFA’s funded work.

    “The injustice against Muslims today will be the injustice against every American tomorrow. We're all in this together.” 

    ~ Khalil Meek, Executive Director, MLFA

    What can $25,000 fund? 

    • Investigation of legal complaints 
    • Discovery, depositions and FOIAs 
    • Representation for FBI interviews and pre-trial mediation
    • External legal counsel for special cases
    • Five one-day Muslim Nonprofit Leadership Conferences  

    MLFA needs your help now to fund the work that makes justice possible for Muslims in America.

    What does it cost to defend our constitutional rights in America? 

    • $5,000 funds one federal court brief
    • $10,000 funds one appellate court brief
    • $20,000 funds a U.S. Supreme Court brief 
    • $30,000 funds an administrative hearing 
    • $50,000 funds a federal civil trial 

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