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People ask, "Why do we help others when there is so much need right here in America?" Why? In other countries starvation is rampant. Millions of children die of diarrhea, something we don't have to worry about here. We have tons of shoes while over there millions of children don't have a single pair of shoes; over here people find support in their communities but over there desperate mothers sell their children for money so they can survive. Why do we help children overseas? Because God has given us a mandate as disciples of Christ to care for the poor and the needy. 

Forgotten Children Worldwide assists abandoned, vulnerable, and trafficked children around the world. We safeguard children from extreme poverty, prevent them from falling victim to the evils of child trafficking, and introduce them to the love of Jesus Christ.

Please help us further our mission of saving children from trafficking, starving and dying. You can make a difference. We need you.

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