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A hotel housekeeper fired for taking a sick day. A retail worker forced to return to work 1 week after giving birth because she can’t afford to take unpaid leave. A hospital janitor with abandoned dreams of becoming a nurse because she can’t manage the tuition. A woman who learned she makes 20% less than her male colleague for the exact same job.

It’s 2019. And that’s the America we live in. A nation where all working people are not valued.

Women Employed is changing that reality. In the last year alone, we have passed a No Salary History law in Illinois to fight pay discrimination. We won a Fair Workweek law in Chicago so people can count on predictable hours and paychecks. We secured $50 million in need-based financial aid funding, which will allow an additional 7,000 low-income students to go to college this year alone, and 130,000 more students will get larger grants, making it easier for them to devote their time and energy to school.

And there’s still much more to do. We're working to abolish the sub-minimum “tipped” wage. We’re fighting for paid sick time and leave for every working person in Illinois and across the country. We're building programs that make education accessible to working adults with real pathways to better jobs and wages.

We won’t stop advocating until every working woman is given her due. Until every aspiring student can realize her dreams.

But it's a team effort. We can't realize our goals without your support. Help elevate women and bring about transformative change with a gift. Join us in making this vision a reality.

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Thank you for supporting Women Employed and our relentless pursuit of equity.

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