Ryan Kamalani Luke is a Class of 2018 Stony Point graduate. With the exception of Round Rock ISDs (RRISD) Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities, as a student with significant disabilities receiving special education services, Kamalani was not routinely included in classes with his peers without disabilities, so his parents consistently advocated for his inclusion in general education classes. In middle and high school, Kamalani not only participated in Partners in PE and Special Olympics, he also participated in band, choir, science and other general education classes. Throughout his lifetime, Kamalani has contributed to or inspired social change for people with disabilities. This scholarship will honor Stony Point’s Choir Program, RRISD Partners in PE program, and RRISD’s Special Olympics Program. The Ryan Kamalani Luke Honorary Scholarship hopes to inspire the recipient to combine the success he or she achieved in high school with the pursuit of a career that creates social change, equity, fairness, justice, inclusion, or advancement for persons with disabilities or other vulnerable populations.

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