Roar With Pride.

    Your investment in Widener's crowdfunding initiatives help our students make a difference today, tomorrow, and every day after.  And when you decide how you Roar, you put your own stamp on Widener's future.

    Roar With Pride is an online fundraising tool that empowers Widener community members - alumni, friends, parents, faculty, staff, and students - to learn about meaningful Widener causes, connect with the people making them happen, and join together to create opportunity and positive community change.  Every project is a chance to show our innovation and our commitment to the ideals that have made Widener University a leader in education, preparation, and service.

    We don't have any campaigns running yet - but you can be a part of this new opportunity!  Widener students, faculty, and staff can apply to be a part of Roar With Pride by reading our crowdfunding guidelines and submitting an application >>

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    Gifts to Widener help continue our nearly 200-year tradition of nurturing talent, innovation, and lifelong success. Widener University has many programs and initiatives that may be of special interest to you. Choosing where to designate your gift can help connect your interests with the success of our students and faculty.

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