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Thank you Region 9! You surpassed the regional goal!

The RRF 20th Campaign has concluded. Any donations made after 12/31/21 will be recognized in conjunction with the 2022 Annual Campaign. Thank you for your support!


Region 9 REALTORS, we have a goal to raise $40,000 as a region! Let's come together and aspire to the challenge! It's the heart of REALTORS that continues to give hope a home through RRF.


SENTINEL ($5,000+)

Michael & Christine McGrew

PROTECTOR ($2,500+)

Michael and Lesia Ford
Elizabeth Mendenhall
Richard Mendenhall

STEWARD ($1,000+)

Doyle & Dawn Yates
Amy Bladow


Tom Madl

FRIEND (<$500)

Craig Andrews
Shari Asher
Bruce Aydt
Patricia and Rick Ayling
Jeanie Baggett
Kim Baker
Teresa Ballenger
Hannah Beckwith
Doug Bergman
James D Black II
JoAnna Blackstock
Linda Briden
Leah Brown
Nancy Burton
Joshua Chamberlin
EVelyn Cross
Cory Davis
Chris Demarest
Sarah Dilks
Bob Dodson
Denver Dudley
Tiffany Elcyzyn
Debbie Finley
Charles Fleeman
Rita Fong
Kathy Fowler
Karen France
Jilian Gardner
Douglas Gardner Smith
Lola Gifford
Dana Green
Randall Green
Lodi Hagler
Blake Hall
Brooksie Hartness
Jeff Hebb
Jessica Hickok
Bobbi Howe
Katie Hunziker
Robin Johnson
Shelly Johnson
Vanessa Johnson
Janet Judd
Jeffrey Langum
Deana Larkin
Autumn Lear
Marc Levinson
Sherry Lewis
Melissa Little
Velda Lueders
Catherine M O'Neill
Marie Markland
Daniel Markus
Stephanie Mcdaniel
Jeffery Melton
Dennis Nevius
Tien Nguyen
Brenda Oliver
Axay Parekh
Dianne Person
Mandy Pool
Tony Provenzano
Brad Reeser
Dawn Roberts
Todd Rose
Gary Rowe
Leslie Sample
Sarah Sealy
Chancy Simmons
Jessica Sims
Douglas Smith
Angela Smith
Patricia Smith
Michael Sohn
Barrett Upchurch
Michael Urie
Alan Van Horn
Dana Weyl
Holli Woodward
Russell Wren
Dawn Yates

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