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We did it, I 86ed my hair!

Mario Del Pero 86ed his hair

Watch me shave my head!

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It’s your turn to 86 your hair!

The request is simple –join the 86 My Hair team and support restaurant workers. Send the request to [email protected] and she will get you signed up!

Restaurants are the cornerstone of this Great Golden State. Let’s help the restaurant workers who make this possible. With COVID-19 closures, restaurant workers have been severely impacted. That’s why you should team up with @restaurants_care to help those we call #OurFoodFamily.


Who is Restaurants Care?

Restaurants Care is an established, non-profit program of the CRA Foundation. Restaurants Care provides one-time financial support to restaurant employees facing unforeseen hardship. Since 1981, the CRA Foundation has been cooking up stronger communities in California by investing in the people at the heart of our restaurant industry.

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