Hi friends,

I feel lucky and honored to be invited as a Fellow for this year's Lambda Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices. It's an amazing opportunity to learn from and with a community of my queer peers. I've been awarded a partial scholarship that covers tuition but doesn't cover room and board, which amounts to a cost of $850. 

All my vacation days this year are being used to travel to New York and be with my family as we sort through and empty out my mother's apartment. This means in order to attend Lambda I need to take one week of unpaid vacation from work, which will put a real strain on my budget. 

Money is weird, and I feel weird asking for help since so many of you were incredibly generous in helping me get to Tin House earlier this year. I'm just hoping for help covering the remainder of what I owe Lambda, nothing extra. 

Lambda generously sets up fundraising sites for all participants and encourages us to use them; your money bypasses me and goes directly to the non-profit org Lambda Literary. (If this fundraiser exceeds its goal, all surplus money will be a donation to the Lambda .) Last year every single student's funds were 100% crowdsourced, which is amazing. 

I so deeply appreciate any help you can offer. I'm looking forward to a time when I can pay all this forward, when I can make money from my writing and use that money to lift up people who need help getting to places that can open doors, like I have the opportunity to do with this retreat. <3

$915 Raised

$850 Goal