Hi friends and fam,

I got some amazing news recently: I've been accepted as a nonfiction fellow at the Lambda Literary Writers' Retreat for Emerging Voices! A little about the retreat:

The Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices was established in 2007 and is the first of its kind ever offered to LGBTQ writers: a one-week intensive immersion in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, genre fiction and playwriting. The Retreat is an unparalleled opportunity to be mentored by the very best writers in our community, to develop one’s craft, make connections with publishing industry professionals and build a strong community of peers.

I'm incredibly excited about this opportunity. Many of you know I've been working hard to create space for writing in my life, to publish more, and to finally push across the finish line many of the stories I've been working on for years. The chance to spend a week in Los Angeles, writing and workshopping every day with fellow queer writers (not to mention being mentored by Benoit Denizet Lewis!) feels like an enormous, unparalleled gift.
Unfortunately, it is also expensive! And so - Lambda Literary encourages fellows to fundraise for their tuition and housing costs. To be totally honest, I feel mixed about doing this - there are so, so many important organizations, causes and communities that need our dollars more than ever right now (and more than me), and I encourage you to give to them first.
But I also know that I can't afford to go on this retreat without help - so, if you feel inspired to give a little, I'd be hugely grateful for your support. Your donation goes directly to Lambda Literary, which is a pretty great organization doing truly one-of-a-kind work in raising up LGBTQ literary voices. We need them, too.
Whether you can give or not, send me your mailing address, and I'll send you a postcard from LA!

All the love,
$1,650 Raised

$1,650 Goal