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    With the Coronavirus pandemic attacking nearly every part of the world, people need help and hope now more than ever. Many of us are able to stay in and gather together enough supplies to get us through, but not everyone is so lucky. Around the world, many are struggling to provide for their families during this time and calm the fears of their children. And that’s where our Operation Blessing and Superbook teams come in.

    Together, Superbook and Operation Blessing have been working diligently in many countries around the world, including Kenya and Costa Rica, where they are distributing food to families, as well as instructions on thorough hand-washing practices.

    One country where Superbook has been making a major impact is in Guatemala. At a time when educating the public on safe health practices is vital, the Superbook team has partnered with Operation Blessing Guatemala to hand out bags of relief and information to anyone in need.

    Each day, Operation Blessing has prepared 1,000 bags for distribution. The bags contain the following food and hygiene items:

    • Bags of fortified nutrition drink
    • Bags of rice
    • Beans
    • A bag of corn flour
    • A bag of sugar
    • A bottle of oil
    • A bag of salt
    • Toilet paper
    • Soap
    • A toothbrush
    • Toothpaste

    In addition to these necessary items, Superbook included a health sheet on hand-washing practices and social distancing, as well as this prayer:

    “Lord Jesus, in this moment, I ask you for protection for my country, family, friends, people I know and for myself. Help me to remain calm and fill me with your peace. I trust in your protection; guard our health. Amen.”

    Superbook and Operation Blessing are committed to supporting those affected during this difficult time by providing for their physical and spiritual needs, as well as bringing comfort to families and children.

    Thank you for helping us continue this important relief work around the world!  Your generous support is the only thing that makes this response possible.  


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