In the words of Toni Payne, "I rather be living my truth happily than living a lie miserably.” I'm a two-time suicide survivor that discovered my passion through my pain and now I'm living out loud, and leading a movement about mental health within communities of color. 

This Is My Brave, Inc. is giving me the opportunity to share my story with clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder and surviving suicide during its show on March 18th at the Gunson Theatre One in Arlington, Va. My goal is to get 25 people to donate $20 to help reach my goal of $500. Your donation will help with the production cost, rehearsals and future shows. Thank you in advance for your generous donation. 

The mission of This Is My Brave, Inc. is to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues by sharing personal stories of individuals living successful, full lives despite mental illness through poetry, essay and original music, on stage in front of a live audience, through stories submitted and published to its blog, and via its YouTube channel.


$651 Raised

$500 Goal