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    **Thank you for your generous support. As the immediate border crisis has ended, any donations made to this campaign after September 1, 2018 will be used to support SAMS global medical relief services where most needed.  

    This is the greatest displacement crisis since the beginning of the conflict.
    More than 230,000 civilians have fled aerial bombardment in Dara'a and are now trapped between closed borders, in the intense summer heat, without food, water, shelter or medical care. Many Syrians are sleeping in cars and under makeshift tarpaulin shelters without adequate shade and water to cope with the 45C (113F) heat. Between July 6 and July 17, SAMS coordinated with Sawasia to deliver 17,430 meals and 98 water tankers (395,000 liters+) among more than 1,480 families. Distribution of baby formula began on July 17. SAMS mobile clinics are seeing mostly children and elderly patients, an average of about 50 patients per day (per clinic).  Rush humanitarian and medical aid to Southern Syria Today! SHARE THIS LINK WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY.   

    A Humanitarian Crisis More than 230,000 Syrians, including many children, have fled violence and are now stranded along the borders with Jordan and the Golan, in the intense summer heat, with little or no access to food, clean water, shelter and medical care. In the wake of this humanitarian crisis, SAMS is responding as follows:

    • Deploying mobile clinics along the borders to provide emergency medical care and medications; 
    • Procuring medications and medical supplies to resupply the mobile clinics;  
    • Coordinating with Jordanian entities to treat evacuated patients;
    • Partnering with a local organization, Swasia, to provide humanitarian aid, including food, clean water, and baby formula. SAMS is providing hot meals to 30,000 displaced families through this partnership;
    • Donating medications and medical supplies to local medical organizations working at the Jordanian border;
    • Establishing an emergency response mechanism to monitor events on the ground on a 24/7 basis.
    Due to the lack of water and sanitation, SAMS medical teams are beginning to see the spread of some diseases of the digestive system and skin diseases among the displaced, especially in children.  

    RUSH AID TO SOUTHERN SYRIA TODAY. Share this fundraiser with friends and family -- together we can make a difference.  International donors donate here:

    The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) Foundation is a US-based, non-political, non-religious, medical relief organization that provides millions of Syrians with urgent and life-saving medical services.  SAMS Foundation is a U.S. registered 501 (c) (3) charity.

    Read our annual report: SAMS 2017 Annual Report

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