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    The Ventura College Foundation is launching an emergency fundraising campaign, "Stronger Foundation, Stronger Future!" 

    Please help sustain our operations and strengthen our foundation during and after the COVID-19 crisis!

    We are committed to fighting for:

    • the power of education to give economic resilience to every member of our community
    • VC Students and their academic dreams
    • a STRONGER FOUNDATION so there is a STRONGER FUTURE for the students who need us

    Over half of our $50,000 goal has been raised!  Board members and staff have already given $30,000!  We can get there with your help!  

    We are doing our part, but we need your help:

    Prior to the crisis, 100% of the Ventura College Foundation's operating costs were paid for by vendor rental revenue from our Weekend Marketplace.  However, to protect the community, the Weekend Marketplace has been suspended.

    Though we have $24 million in assets, most is restricted and cannot be used for operations. 

    The Foundation has reduced our workforce, reworked our business model and budgets.

    Good News!  We learned just two days ago we received funding from the CARES Act SBA Paycheck Protection Program loan.  We are grateful for this funding as it alleviates some of the financial strain the Foundation is experiencing due to COVID-19. 

    Our commitment to the power of education remains strong, because of the 13,000 students on campus:

    • 70% are under the poverty line
    • 50% are food insecure
    • 40% are first-generation college students
    • 18% are housing insecure

    And yet, 2,000 will graduate and 1,000 will successfully transfer to 4-year universities this spring! Ventura College students rely on the VC Foundation so they can afford to stay in school.

    JUST IMAGINE . . .


    • Expert staff remains to oversee the $24 million in endowment investments with annual distributions to support students
    • Infrastructure stays in place to give 400+ scholarships away and ensure that $650,000 in scholarships are awarded annually
    • Professional staff continue to enable $40,000+ in giving for textbook lending programs to serve for over 4,500 students annually
    • Vital teamwork with the campus endures to attract thousands of dollars in additional support for critical career education programs including nursing and paramedic training

    Please donate today to help the VC Foundation survive this crisis and enable resilient futures for students for generations to come.

    With gratitude and wishes for your continued safety,

    Anne Paull King

    Anne Paul King, Executive Director

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    4667 Telegraph Rd, Ventura, CA 93003  (805) 289-6164 [email protected]


    About the Ventura College Foundation

    Established in 1983, the Ventura College Foundation transforms students’ lives through education by providing innovative and vital resources and financial support.  The Foundation collaborates with Ventura College to enhance human potential, civic engagement, careers, and academic success of students enabling their effective impact and legacy on the college, local workforce, and our community.

    For more information about the Foundation or to make a gift, please contact the Ventura College Foundation at (805) 289-6461 or

    Federal Tax ID#: 77-0037747


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