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Henrietta and Aubrey Davis

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Henrietta and Aubrey Davis Endowed Professorship in Biochemistry

Family members joined together recently to establish the Henrietta and Aubrey Davis Endowed Professorship in Biochemistry in recognition of their parents’ dedication to the pursuit of knowledge, to excellence and to altruism. They invite friends, family, and colleagues to join them in building the professorship at the University of Washington.

Aubrey and Henrietta began their careers in Washington, D.C. as interns in the Roosevelt administration. There they met, married and became “Aubrietta” for the next 67 years. They lived rich lives centered on family and service to their community.

Henrietta Davis obtained her Masters of Education from the University of Washington. She was an outstanding elementary educator who encouraged each student to discover and explore his or her interests. She placed a strong emphasis on reading, writing and arithmetic, but also on more practical matters, such as how to throw a baseball. Upon her retirement from teaching, she spent 20 years volunteering first at the Pacific Science Center, then the Seattle Aquarium and finally at the Salvation Army.

Aubrey Davis was a Puget Sound civic leader involved in health care reform, transportation advocacy, and politics. He helped create the King County Metro as an accessible bus system, advocated for the redesign of Interstate 90 across Mercer Island, and led the vision of Group Health Co-operative to provide healthcare to the greatest number of people. He formed and ran a family business, Gaco Western, Inc., and also served as Mayor of Mercer Island. Under the Carter and Reagan administrations, he served as the regional administrator for Region 10 of the Urban Mass Transportation Administration (now the Federal Transit Administration). He then became CEO of Group Health Co-operative, and upon retirement, stayed actively involved in local, state and national transportation issues and health policies.

The Henrietta and Aubrey Davis Endowed Professorship will recognize a leader in the field of biochemistry who also makes contributions to the advancement of teaching and research in their field. The family appreciates your consideration of honoring the legacy of Henrietta and Aubrey Davis with a gift to support this endowed professorship in their honor.

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