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Panhandle Home Health's mission is to provide the community with the highest quality home health services and to link individuals with available resources. PHH's goal is to:

1) Convey caring and compassion for patient’s physical, psychological, and social problems
2) Provide the most advanced technological health care available
3) Meet the needs and exceed the expectations of all of our customers
4) Address and resolve all issues causing customer dissatisfaction.
5) Develop and improve processes for providing exceptional services through performance improvement activities.

Panhandle Home Health would like to purchase an emergency generator so that if power outages occur, the building will not be without power. This will be a one-time purchase made with funds raised through the Unity Campaign. When the power goes out, our employees are unable to work, thus unable to serve our clients effectively. Productivity comes to a standstill and any job-related functions would also be stopped. Healthcare is critical to the patients that we serve and no one wants to find out how long we can operate without power.

Power outages can occur due to any number of reasons. They could happen due to inclement weather such as severe storms, like thunderstorms, natural disasters such as earthquakes, lightning strikes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and inclement weather such as extreme winds and blizzards. Let’s not forget man-made disasters such as vehicles striking a utility pole, your friendly neighborhood squirrel, electrical component failure, or rolling brownouts/random blackouts due to the aging power grid. This could result in delays in service to our patients and completely derail employee productivity and bring it to a halt, and also missed deadlines which could be critical to the success of our company. In addition to these losses, you need to take overhead and overall revenue into consideration.

The Unity Campaign is a 12-day fundraiser powered by United Way of the Eastern Panhandle. During the 12 Days of Giving from April 12 - 23, donors can contribute to any of the participating agencies and 100% of their contribution will go directly to the nonprofit organization of their choice.

Click the Make a Donation button to help us reach our goal. Through the generosity of an Incentive Match sponsor, 100% of your contribution goes directly to Panhandle Home Health. In addition, your individual gift is boosted because a portion of your donation is matched by the sponsor.

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If you would like to contribute via cash or check, please fill out this form and bring or mail your donation to United Way of the Eastern Panhandle at 24 District Way, Ste. 201, Martinsburg, WV 25404.

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