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The Religious Coalition serves Frederick County residents in need by providing homelessness prevention and re-housing services, emergency shelter and a variety of emergency financial assistance. They work to be a solution to homelessness and provide compassionate services for anyone facing hardship. Their Case Management services work to identify the root causes of poverty and act to overcome the obstacles in the way of self-sufficiency.


The Religious Coalition's participation in the Unity Campaign provides the resources for us to serve the community's homeless and precariously housed individuals and families. These individual and family clients receive emergency shelter, financial assistance to prevent homelessness, and essential case management support that stabilizes them and moves them out of homelessness. 

Unity Campaign funding will be used to support case management of clients in our Emergency Family Shelter, Linton Shelter, and Homelessness Prevention programs ($19,000). It will also be used to provide pertinent training materials ($3,000) and staff development training ($3,000) for five case managers so that they can best assist our clients in exiting homelessness and achieving financial and housing stability. 

Case management begins from the start of a client's engagement with our programs. It includes one-on-one client support for seeking employment, affordable housing, household budget development, and financial literacy instruction. Most of our clients are unskilled at money management and many are motivated to learn how to achieve financial stability. 

Since 2016, The Religious Coalition's case management program has achieved strong, positive results for clients as they successfully transition from financial and housing instability to a more secure future. of the 337 heads-of-household who received homelessness prevention services from January - October 2017, 78% remained housed after three months. Among those we follow-up on 12 months after receiving services, 68% remain housed. Of the 124 individuals who transitioned out of the Emergency Family Shelter Program, 88% transitioned to more stable housing as a result of case management support. 

Unity Campaign funding will allow us to provide our clients with meaningful support and lasting skills to help prevent the adverse effects of poverty characterized by homelessness and financial instability.

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