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The Asian American Center works to help provide minority immigrants in Frederick County with opportunities for improving their education and income. The AACF provides varied services such as language interpretation, educational programs, and after school activities for children of such immigrants. Their core values include integrity, inclusiveness, collaboration, stewardship, and empowerment. The AACF works to assist immigrants in a variety of ways as they strive to find their place in Frederick.

Citizenship Integrated Services: 8,000+ county residents are not yet naturalized; expanded outreach is needed to these folks; funding to provide support for Dr. Nimpson.

Language Services: The Unity Campaign Fund can be used to provide free interpreter and translation services to community members in need of professional services. Outside of Frederick Memorial Hospital, there is no support for interpreter services unless a private practice provider pays for services. If the provider does not provide the service, low-income clients often will opt not to be seen or treated. We believe in the need to support the low-income LEP population with interpreters, and we will pay the interpreters as we would do for any professionals.

Community Health Workers: We have developed a cadre of 20+ CHWs who have 160 hours of basic training. More professional development is needed to meet a variety of important community needs such as ACEs, behavioral health and geriatrics. We anticipate using part of our Unity funding for CHW continuing education, expanding and elevating professional expertise among our CHWs.

Volunteer and Mentoring Program: We have one part-time staff member who has done a tremendous job of building our AACF Volunteers Program/AACF Ambassadors Program to about 300+ persons. Unity Campaign funds may be used to support her hours and to provide some form of volunteer recognition. 

Cultural Events: AACF has great experience in building cultural awareness among all groups in Frederick County through a wide range of events, programs and outreach. This is critical for developing cultural sensitivity among society at large, and is also essential to educating mainstream citizens about cultural diversity as they come into contact with immigrants. In turn, these educational opportunities help to promote understanding of different cultural perspectives on health, education and financial well being. Traditionally, these cultural activities are not well funded, and AACF has been supporting them with unrestricted funds such as those from Unity Campaign.

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