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Mission - - Our mission is to create a community of life-long, loving homes where adults with and without intellectual disabilities share daily life, learning from each other about spirituality, hospitality and how to celebrate each others' gifts and talents. We will advocate for the needs of our members and all those with intellectual disabilities, who deserve a place of safety, security and love where they can thrive.  Our intentional community of faith will respond to the changing needs of its members, allowing them to "age in place."  As a faith-based community, we celebrate and encourage all to embrace their own faith tradition and recognize that we are all blessed to be together as a community.


L'Arche Frederick is part of a larger organization, L'Arche International, which oversees 150 communities in 38 countries, including 20 communities in the United States. L'Arche homes throughout the world are well known to radiate peace to the wider community.  We believe that the Frederick area is the perfect welcoming environment for L'Arche, given the dedication of so many residents to social justice and ensuring the health and welfare of all residents..  L'Arche homes welcome friends and family to actively participate in community life, including opening their doors for dinners, prayer nights, talent shows and other fun events.  In this way, we help those in our wider community to understand and appreciate the gifts of our members. 


In accordance with the L'Arche model, we plan to have as close to a one-to-one ratio of assistants to core members.  Assistants (those without disabilities) live in the home and are generally recent college graduates who are seeking a fulfilling experience in service.  We believe core members (those with disabilities) should be accompanied on their life journeys rather than "cared for,"


While our first home (projected to open in early 2020) will be a tremendous milestone, we have already created an inclusive community in Frederick by hosting monthly gatherings that celebrate the gifts of all participants, regardless of ability.  Adults with disabilities along with their friends and families enjoy fellowship while singing, dancing, making crafts and learning about L'Arche.  In addition, we have hosted two variety shows in which children and adults of all abilities joyfully performed.


Unity Campaign - L'Arche Frederick's participation in the Unity Campaign can help us serve the community by making the needs of people with intellectual disabilities more known. Any fund raising activities in which we will engage will be an opportunity for greater education of the public about their needs..Usually some of the people served will participate in our fund raising activities giving them an opportunity to represent themselves and help with public relations. Receiving this kind of affirmation is good for their own psychological health and promotes acceptance by others, a healthy attitude for the wider community. The Unity Campaign funds raised will be used to outfit a home: kitchen, living room, and bath. The home itself, once running,will be a supportive housing situation, a home, for  three or four adults with intellectual disabilities who will be helped by three assistants.  The home which will be the heart of the L'Arche community, will have an openness to friends and family, allow its' members gifts to flourish and be shared.


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