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Hey all!

My name is Annika and in 2011 I was diagnosed with a Vasculitis called Takayasu’s Arteritis.

I was sick for about a whole year before I was finally diagnosed by a doctor who took their time to look over my weird symptoms. Little did I know, for that entire year there was lots of damage and inflammation going on inside my body. Had it been caught earlier, I would be less sick and disabled today. And I was lucky - compared to a lot of other Vasculitis patients, to be diagnosed after only a year was fast. Some people go years without knowing what's wrong with them, and it's only ever found after a catastrophic event like a stroke or heart failure. Sometimes, it's too late.

It’s been a tough road since my diagnosis, I’m not going to lie. From doctors mismanaging my medications (because they didn’t know enough about the illness) and letting the damage become much worse, to becoming seriously ill and trialling several old chemotherapy drugs that didn’t work until finally being put on a new biologic which finally helped, so it took about 6 years from diagnosis to get on a treatment plan which both worked (stopped the disease progressing) and didn’t make me incredibly sick.

I’m passionate about greater education for medical staff and more research into the medications that work best for Vasculitis because of my experiences. Donating to this campaign and the Vasculitis Foundation ensures that money goes to funding more research and helps the education of both doctors and patients.

Anyone can get Vasculitis. I wouldn’t wish what I’ve been through on anybody else - so I hope that diagnosis and treatments can improve.


Earlier Diagnosis = Better Outcome for Patients

The focus for the 2018 Annual Appeal is on the critical need for early diagnosis of vasculitis. No one will argue – getting diagnosed early allows for treatment to start before the damage is too far along. However, getting to an early diagnosis is a challenge requiring new and novel ways to help physicians.

Your contribution will help us to develop new and exciting ways to reduce delays in diagnosis.   Thank you for your support.

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