Worldwide Walk for Water

Join thousands around the world--on all 7 continents--as we work together from Sept 22-30 to count our own miles--swimming, biking, running, etc. for clean water worldwide.  Together, we will log 1 million miles in one week for clean water! 


We are pledging our miles TODAY and doing them in September! You can walk in your own neighborhood or with your school, company, club,
church, friends or family.  Tap "Sign Up" to pledge your miles and take the $1 per mile challenge to bring clean water to 100 villages!  

Please help us spread the word to get the Worldwide Walk on people's calendars! Challenge your friends to join you using the share icons!  

On Facebook? You can like the Worldwide Walk for Water page and stay up to date or follow the event at @worldwidewalkforwater

Register TODAY and put your miles on your calendar! Thank you for joining us! 
CLEAN International is dedicated to the eradication of waterborne illness and an end to the daily walk for water worldwide. Learn more and join in at

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