Cassidy and Anna are dedicating their summer to God's thirsty children in Ecuador!

From Anna and Cassidy: "When we learned about how truly awful the situation is with unsanitary water in Ecuador, we knew we had to do something. Children and their families are dying from diseases as simple as diarrhea, which can be solved quickly in the United States, and from diseases as terrifying as Cholera… something no one, let alone a small child, should ever have to face. We are going to Ecuador this summer for two months to be with the Ecuadorian people and bring as many WWB Water Women filtration kits as possible. We pray that God will open your heart to share what you can for the sake of all those who suffer there.I'm fundraising for Water With Blessings because they do amazing work, and I'm inviting friends like you to support my campaign. Thanks for taking a moment to check it out!

Water With Blessings has a mission of clean water for God's thirsty children.  We carry out our mission across the developing world by equipping mothers with Sawyer PointONE filters, empowering them with training, and entrusting them as Water Women to share their filters with families around them.

Mothers can be trusted as agents of change for their communities.  That's why one $60 donation provides many years of clean water for 4 families!

WWB has provided clean water to hundreds of thousands of families in 45+ countries.

Just like Anna and Cassidy, you can bring Water With Blessings to your mission site, anywhere in the world!  We welcome partnerships with churches and organizations that are serving communities anywhere.  To learn more, go to, or send your message to [email protected]


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