God’s thirsty children in Bolivia desperately need your help.  Mary Meyers will carry your contribution to them in the form of lifetime WWB filtration systems.
Way to be a Blessing!

Every $75 being raised in this campaign will provide a lifetime Sawyer PointONE water filter and WWB training for a Bolivian mother in dire poverty. That mother will serve as a WWB Water Woman to provide clean water for her own and three other families. 

Mary Meyers says: The women in the rural areas of Sucre, Bolivia, live on the social, educational, and labor margins.  There is little possibility of development for them. They are faced not only with social exclusion but lack access to vital necessities such as clean water for their families.  Water has been one of the priorities of local authorities but not enough so that everyone has clean water. In many communities water is obtained from natural springs coming off the slopes, but this water is not clean either.  Some communities collect this water in tanks or concrete cisterns but the water still needs to be purified. Some drink it without boiling it first which leads to sickness and death. Because of the effects of climate change, such as droughts, the springs are disappearing.  Other sources of water are rivers, streams and wells in a few locations but again this water is not clean. It is possible to have water delivered which is costly or catch rainwater which is unreliable. For these women, clean, purified water is a gift that contributes to the life and health of their families.

Water With Blessings has a mission of clean water for God's thirsty children.  We carry out our mission across the developing world by equipping mothers with Sawyer PointONE filters, empowering them with training, and entrusting them as Water Women to share their filters with families around them.

Mothers can be trusted as agents of change for their communities.  That's why one $75 donation provides many years of clean water for 4 families!

WWB has provided clean water to hundreds of thousands of families in 45+ countries.

To learn more, go to www.waterwithblessings.com, or send your message to [email protected]

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