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The author Leonard Ravenhill wrote in Why Revival Tarries, “the problem is that the hour is desperate but the saints are not.” We’re watching a new era of mass crowd derangement where people are increasingly herd-like and irrational. Fellow believers back up in fear of controversy and turn their heads from us as we stand no the front lines of the culture war. 

There is one answer to the darkness that seeks to devour the earth, the Lords people. Then “the voice of the Lord” breaks forth. And where does it break out? It is “the voice of one crying in the wilderness!” (John 1:23) The spiritual wilderness is where we are - all over America. The wilderness is defined as an “uninhabited, inhospitable territory.” Have we not left our culture unoccupied and uninhabited? And has not this culture begun to turn hostile against us? We rise up suddenly in places “uninhabited and inhospitable,” the spiritual wilderness. 

The VOICE of the Lord was manifest when Joshua rose out of the wilderness, when John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness and when Jesus came forth in power from the wilderness. 

  • We were the voice that cried out in the wilderness when others ignored the 7 Mountain message. Now “Hollywood” and “fake news media” and  “academia” are exposed for their powerful radical roles.
  • But we already moved ahead to proclaim that the battle is really at the gates of influence and God’s “ecclesia” the “micro church” must arise and sit at the gates of influence. Now the ecclesia message is being echoed as much as the 7 Mountains. 
  • But we already moved ahead and proclaimed the end-game of rising Sheep and Goat nations. That message has now begun to go mainstream along with 7 Mountains, gates of influence, and the “ecclesia” rising up and ruling in the midst of its enemies. 
  • But we already moved ahead as that message caught on we entered the prophetic political arena and stood virtually alone predicting Donald Trump’s emergence and his link to Cyrus. Then the Israeli Sanhiedran sent us a Cyrus Trump coin as their Prime Minister called him Cyrus after moving the American Embassy.

But we have already moved ahead to protect the gains we have made and now we face new enemies. A powerful small group of wealthy left-wing activists have learned how to take over the mechanisms of local politics and they are taking over from state to state. From the local government mountain, they legislate lawlessness and change the culture. In each territory they’ve won, hell has enlarged its grip. We are now fighting for sheep states and a sheep nation. 

So far the church has been a distance removed from the front lines of this battle. With fear and trembling, I tell you, I believe that is about to change. The voice of the Lord is about to speak and the Word is going to hit right where these strongholds operate. God is going to shake things in the heavens, where spiritual thrones are established. God is going to shake the earth where the upheaval will hit home. The enemy will not hold back.

We are heading toward a different kind of battle and a different kind of Awakening 

You can be a part of this historic move...

Here are the FOUR areas we need your help. 

  • 2020 National Awakening: "As One America” - (need $400,000) AS you see, the battle will be local and national. Sometimes you need to go into the territory where the warfare is raging. We want to see prayer and worship rallies and gatherings of God's people in a glorious chaos tour through the states and churches that are opening up to the movement of God's Spirit. We will need you, meeting places, lodging, security, and transportation. We can do this if we move As One. 
  • Media Outreach: Winning The Battle of Big Ideas- ($700,000) The Battle of Big Ideas is upon us and the hour is late. Spiritual warfare is a fight over whose version of reality will prevail on the earth. We need a louder voice and a sustained pattern of public persuasion. That’s what Wilberforce said overturned the powers of hell and ended slavery in England. This is our calling and we are ready. 

The average believer needs to be equipped to give a reason for the hope that is in them. Many of their Pastors are silent. We want to give them the arguments of the spirit and the worldview that can turn the battle. We are taking the offense into all platforms of Social Media and television. We expect that we will need legal support to keep ourselves from being censored and removed from platforms. This is where time is of the essence and need your help the most.  

  • Annabelle: Helping Families In Crisis - ($200,000) We have seen God on the mountains now He is moving in the valleys! Imagine what happens when the Holy Spirit moves in the wilderness of poverty blighted neighborhoods among the poor where children have no beds, heat or winter clothes and mothers have no cars, or furniture. Now imagine a moving truck delivering over 100 mattresses and beds, dozens of kitchen tables, chairs and couches, heaters and winter clothes.  

Imagine a woman with no experience and just a few hundred dollars renting a storage unit, going to estate sales and launching all this at 61 years of age. That’s what my wife, Annabelle has done. As she reminds me, I am now a father to four single daughters and eleven children under the age of 13. This is life-changing in ways that are totally new, and she cries often as she tells me her stories. Your partnership means that when we go into these places, you are clothing and hugging those children.  

In an age where the devil wants to divide people by race and gender, God is moving to do the very opposite and unite people in the love of God. 

  • Harvest Partner: Impact Israel & The Nations - (need $150,000) Our ministry of reconciliation reaches Arabs and Jews. Black and white. Left wing and Right wing. Communist and Capitalist. Sheep nations are rising because God's people are rising. We need to stand with these leaders in the church and in the governments of the earth. This is a fragile and new moment. 

Our work is closely tied to nations where Cyrus rulers are rising and access is open at the highest level. We are literally talking about the harvest of nations. We have seen strategic doors open to Israel in the Middle East, Taiwan in the Asian Pacific Rim, Guatemala, and Brazil in Central and South America. We cannot go everywhere, especially in 2020, but by pressuring the enemy in these regions we advance the harvest and build spiritual alignment with what God is doing in Washington D.C. which is always at the heart of this battle. 

As you can see, all of these projects require enormous resources, faith, time and spiritual energy. We cannot complete them without your support. In order to do this, we created an enhanced partnership program so YOU can partner with us to expand the 7m message and empower the body of Christ.

We need Harvest Partners… 1000 partners at $45 - $100 a month for just 12 months can get us near our goal for America and the nations.  

With your $45 a month partnership I want to send you this 2020 Presidential Prayer Coin! 

This is Your Prayer Coin in many ways is your Challenge Coin because if we win the battle in the Spirit we will win in the natural realm.

Please pray. Consider standing with us for the next 12 months because what you make happen for others God will make happen for you. 

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