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Credential students are the future of agricultural education in California and beyond. With a student teaching schedule that prohibits part-time jobs, and an average cost of over $10,000 in tuition and rent for two semesters, many of our credential students struggle to make ends meet. With your support, we can encourage these students through their most costly year of education, reducing financial barriers that prevent student teachers from achieving their goals of becoming a credentialed teacher.

Strong high school agricultural programs are the primary pipeline to collegiate agricultural studies and to the agricultural workforce overall. Vibrant agricultural programs led by passionate and effective teachers impact the entire agricultural industry, exposing students to the wide variety of employment options in agriculture.  Additionally, agricultural instructors offer opportunities for leadership and personal growth unparalleled in our educational system.

Currently, California faces a shortage of high school agricultural instructors.  The ability to offer incentives to mitigate expenses could influence quality candidates to consider a rewarding career in agricultural education. 

In the spring of 2019, Chico State will place 25 student teachers in classrooms throughout California.  Students must pay tuition and living expenses, but are not able to work as they are fully engaged in the high school program where they are student teaching.  This provides a substantial burden to student teachers and limits student teacher placement sites, as students are limited to areas where they can secure free housing to mitigate the cost of the experience.  Scholarships would be utilized to help those student teachers with the greatest economic need to reduce the financial burden of student teaching. 

Every gift, combined with its dollar-for-dollar match, will contribute toward our goal of funding five scholarships of $1,500 or more. An anonymous donor has made it possible for us to match every gift up to $5,000

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