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Part of the appeal of choosing concrete as a construction material is the simple formula (water, cement, large and small aggregates), however the second largest benefit of choosing concrete is how this simple formula can be adapted to fit the needs of an amazing variety of individual projects. Different proportions and additives can change how the concrete will perform as well as how it needs to be handled, however regardless of the mixture, there are specific, quantifiable criteria concrete must meet for each project and it is vital for an individual to know how to test for all these criteria.

The Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade 1 certification is a professional certification which indicates that an individual knows the proper way to conduct the seven basic field tests of freshly mixed concrete as required by the American Society for Testing and Materials, the industry standard. This certification is the industries way of ensuring individuals know how to properly perform these tests but equally important, understand the results of these tests. This certification is so critical to the industry many employers and companies seeking interns require this certification prior to hiring.

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  • $65 is the technician workbook for this certification
  • $395 is the entire cost for the certification which includes book

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