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    Support the Center for Excellence in Finance for establishing a Financial Wellness Clinic on Chico State campus. The Financial Wellness Clinic will provide free and accessible peer and professional financial counseling, education, and coaching services, and offer budgeting tools and financial literacy workshops to students, faculty, staff, and other community members in need. These services will reduce the financial stress and advance the financial wellbeing of Chico State students, who need financial advice the most but would not otherwise have access to it. Help us to improve financial wellbeing on campus!

    • Every dollar will help to provide financial education to the Chico community.
    • Each $20 pledge will provide an hour of free 1-on-1 financial counseling for a student in need.
    • Each $100 pledge will allow us to hold a group financial literacy workshop on campus.
    • $500 will support us to host anannual financial planning day event to provide free financial planning advice to local community members in need.
    • $1,500 will sponsor a student peer advisor for one semester.
    The clinic will offer peer and professional financial counseling, education, and coaching services through various channels: in-person appointments, phone appointments, drop-in hours, workshops, email, the web, etc. Finance faculty members and/or industry experts who have Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or equivalent designations will work as supervisors in the clinic. The clinic will also hire Chico State students who have received financial literacy and financial planning education as peer advisors or personal finance coaches.

    Employing Chico State students as peer advisors has a threefold benefit:

    (1) Our students may feel peer advisors are more relatable to them than faculty or industry professionals, so that students who seek help may build a peer-to-peer relationship with their peer financial advisors;
    (2) The experience of working as peer advisor adds a lot of value to those peer advisors’ resumes and helps them gain skills in leadership, financial counseling, and financial education. They would become highly sought-after job candidates for financial services firms.
    (3) It would attract more financial services firms to recruit students with financial counseling and peer advising experience from Chico State.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the Center for Excellence in Finance?

    A: The Center for Excellence in Finance is a signature program of the College of Business’ Department of Finance and Marketing to bring financial literacy education and involvement to our campus community through student competitions, alumni engagement events, conferences, visiting scholars, community outreach activities, and more!

    Q: What is the Financial Wellness Clinic?

    A: The Financial Wellness Clinic is a program from the Center for Excellence in Finance dedicated to providing our campus community with financial literacy education. We will offer financial literacy workshops and counseling to improve the campus’ financial wellbeing.

    Q: How does this support students?

    A: In the National Student Financial Wellness Study ( 70% of U.S. college students indicated that they experienced financial stress, while 60% indicated that they did not have access to a financial education course or workshop in high school. Financial stress can negatively affect a student’s grades, self esteem, and ability to graduate on time. The Financial Wellness Clinic aims to reduce these negative side effects on students and the university.

    Q: How does this support the community?

    A: The Center for Excellence in Finance is not limited to just students. Faculty and staff can also benefit from financial counseling at the wellness clinic. The student interns who provide counseling will also gain valuable experience that will aid them in their future careers. The CEF hosts a community service event each year called Financial Planning Day, which brings volunteer financial planners to community members to offer free financial planning advice.

    Q: Where do my donations go when I contribute?

    A: Your gift will go directly to supporting the mission of the Center for Excellence in Finance. Every dollar will go towards projects like the Financial Wellness Clinic, student peer advisors, and community service projects.

    Q: How do I refer a student in need?

    A: If you know of a student who is in need of financial counseling, please refer them to The Center for Excellence in Finance in Tehama 468 or call (530) 898-4825

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